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Cost effective on air radio advertising, packaged up with amazing online coverage and more!

RAJAR in the UK claim that online radio is used by 16.4% of the UK adult population.

We can target the exact audience you need whilst meeting your budget.


Benefit for brands

Radio and online, combine push and pull to reach out and engage consumers and fulfil brand interactions.

Future growth

Online and radio are the only media predicted to grow audience The huge growth in online audience is increasingly affecting time spent with other (traditional) media – radio is the only traditional medium that people predict they will be spending more time with in the near future.

Size of opportunity

Almost 50% listen to radio when online each week 67% of the sample claimed that they listen to radio when online and 72% of these claimed to have listened in the last week (i.e. 48% of total sample). The research also suggests that at any given time 20% of people who are online are also listening to radio – making this conjunction a significant media opportunity in its own right!

Communication effects

Online and radio provide complementary rational and emotional consumer benefits Online is perceived as a convenient channel for helping people find what they want, when they want it, whereas radio is perceived as offering the human touch, helping to shape the moods and rhythm of the day. In conjunction, they feed each other by keeping the consumer engaged across each other’s momentary low points, leading to an increase in overall time spent with this media combination.

Radio and online are ‘social connectivity’ media Radio and online are both perceived as providing connection with people’s social communities but on different levels. Online operates more within people’s immediate social network, allowing them to stay in touch with friends and highly defined communities of interest (My World). Radio connects people with their wider network e.g. their local community or broader community of interest (My Wider World).


Combining radio and online significantly enhances response 57% of the sample claim to have checked things on the internet after just hearing about them on the radio, with 59% claiming to use search to find more details. This isn’t just restricted to editorial mentions – 39% claimed that advertising has prompted them to search for something on the internet.

One of the main benefits of the internet for advertisers is its perceived accountability – most campaigns are able to demonstrate some level of consumer interaction with the advertising, from click-through to purchase.