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RussShow: Late Night Wes
Times: From 8pm (Monday to Thursday)

About: Wes not only plays the biggest hits, but also dips into the hits just outside the Top 20 both in the UK & USA.

Although Wes was born in 1982 he feels that he is of the wrong decade.

In fact he believes he may well be related to Brian Wilson, maybe a brother or long lost cousin who was eventually found at a garage sale next to the headless Barbie dolls.

It’s been a long road for Wes to end up on Hit45s, one that has taken him around the world broadcasting to the British Armed Forces.

Why not tweet him about his time in Afghanistan?

He’s got stories that will make your milk curdle!
Including the way he had the best steak of his life in Camp Bastion cook house… Treacherous!